What are the applications of milling cutters?

In grooving and cutting operations, process reliability is critical, especially when the tool must be deeply cut into the workpiece. A new slotting system with a single cutting edge blade is specially considered. At the Walter Inc for these applications will be equipped with the new SX system is designed as a self clamping single blade cutting blade. The utility model is characterized in that the blade is arc-shaped, and perfectly fit to the blade holder. The contour matching can prevent the blade stability loss in the feed direction under high load.
Walter made more cutting tools for the use of slotting cutters, in which G2012 type single cutter with internal cooling function, groove depth of 33mm. With enhanced cutting knife plate G2042 series optional about two specifications type knife, the knife plate can also be used for 33mm depth of cut, is strong cutting tool in the case of choice; cutting knife deep plate G2042 is a variant of the cutting tool, cutting depth of up to 60mm. The special feature of G2042 lies in two blade holders and a wide range of versatility. Another highlight Walter Cut-SX also provide the use of the saw blade milling cutter blade, Walter and Blaxx? (Hei Feng Knight) series blades F5055 on the market, the tool design represents a particularly strong, efficient and cutting tool is safe and reliable, with the use of Tiger Tec? Silver cutting material, the blade is firmly clamped, even in milling cutting and slitting can meet these conditions.
These new cutting tools greatly shorten the time, but also can stabilize the loss.

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