How can steel milling cutters reduce the runout of small dia

In the CNC machining process, the machining error caused by many reasons, the error caused by the radial runout of tungsten steel milling cutter is one of the important factors, the greater the cutter runout, processing tool is more unstable, the influence of processing. Next, the little book tells you to use the following methods to reduce the small runout:
1. use sharp CNC tools
The tungsten steel knives of the larger angle, the tool is more sharp, so as to reduce the cutting force and vibration.
2. the use of high strength tungsten steel milling cutter
The tool strength can be increased in two ways. First, the diameter of the tool bar can be increased. Under the same radial cutting force, the tool rod diameter increases by 20%, and the tool radial runout can be reduced by 50%. Two can reduce the tool length, length of the cutter, the cutter deformation is bigger, when processing are constantly changing, the cutter runout will also change, which leads to the workpiece surface is not smooth, reduce the length of cutting tool 20%, tool runout will decrease 50%.
3. the front face of CNC cutting tools should be smooth
In machining, the smooth rake face can reduce the friction between the chip and the cutting force, thus reducing the radial runout of the tool.
4. taper of spindle and chuck cleaning
Taper of spindle chuck and clean, no dust and debris from the workpiece. The processing of tungsten steel milling cutter, cutting out as far as possible the shorter the length of the knife, the intensity should be reasonable and uniform, not too big or too small.
5. engagement to a reasonable selection
6. use reverse milling in finish machining
Due to milling, the gap position between the screw and nut changes, will cause the table feed is not uniform, so the shock and vibration effects of processing machine tools, tool life and surface roughness of the workpiece; and in the use of inverse milling, cutting thickness change from small to big, cutter load from small to large, tool in processing more stable (note that this is only used in precision machining in rough machining or to use milling).
7. reasonable use of cutting fluid.
The reasonable use of cutting fluid cooling water solution has little effect on cutting force.
Practice has proved that as long as the machine tool parts manufacturing, assembly accuracy, selection process, reasonable loading, radial runout of tungsten steel milling impact on the machining accuracy of the workpiece can be reduced to the maximum extent.

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